Gen Z – A generation to look up to

An executive summary

Through our webinars and now this executive summary, CCDI has mobilized n-gen’s latest research and training to support employers in fostering generational inclusion in the workplace. We know that as generational differences impact workforce dynamics and leadership decisions, generational inclusion often remains to be a top of mind concern for many employers. The findings highlighted in this executive summary have several implications for employers, especially in areas pertaining to recruitment, hiring, retention and talent management.

Little is known about Gen Z: what they value, what motivates them and what they expect of employers. This study is the first in Canada to explore this generation’s experiences and expectations in the Canadian context. This report is based on survey findings collected from 600 Gen Zs across Canada. The data tells us this: Gen Zs are realistically optimistic, they understand the impact of their decisions, they will make choices that serve their needs, while still contributing to the greater good. This will be a generation that will make a difference.

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