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Learning has become a part of everything we do; so when we merged with the Canadian Centre for Diversity and became a charity in May 2015, our first initiative in our charitable mandate set out to include high school students in the diversity dialogue to address the needs of youth whose lives are too often plagued by bullying, violence and discrimination.

We launched See Different in schools for students to empower themselves and embark on a discovery of self and differences to become agents of change. We’re hearing moving stories of transformation when barriers of prejudice and discrimination are broken down.

The school program traces how youth perceive diversity and is growing into a movement, into a student-led campaign for change. This work is a focus of our charitable status and we’re grateful for the revenue from donors and the organizations we work with which has let us extend what we do to include tomorrow’s leaders, those who are still in school.

Wanda Santini is leading this innovative program with Preeti Nayak and a team of in-school facilitators.

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