CCDI Webinar: Promising practices on women's advancement

Event Type : Webinars
Starts at March 07, 2018 1:00 PM Eastern
Finishes at March 07, 2018 2:00 PM Eastern

Level/Audience: General audience 1.0

Presentation by: Nuzhat Jafri

Today, women account for over 60 per cent of undergraduate degrees in Canada. In fact, they have accounted for more than 50 per cent of undergraduate degrees since 1980! We have extensive research on the benefits of having women in leadership positions, yet the pace of change has been glacial. Most employers know they need to tackle this issue head on, or nothing will ever change. Yet there is significant resistance to creating programs that target women. This webinar will examine the facts, and look at what barriers exist to achieving more equitable levels of gender-parity in the workplace. More importantly, it will provide promising practices on what individuals can do to play a role in women’s advancement in their organizations.

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