Event content level: Webinars

We understand that every organization and professional may find themselves at varied stages of their diversity and inclusion journey. To help identify if an upcoming CCDI event is for you, we have now labeled our events as either 1.0, 2.0, or 3.0.

Leveling Descriptions

The descriptors below reference the attendees, not the presenters.


The content of 1.0 events is fundamental or at a “beginner” level. It is intended for participants who have no knowledge, or very little knowledge and exposure to the subject matter.


The content of 2.0 events is more advanced however still at an “intermediate” or mid-level. It is intended that participants will have some basic knowledge of the subject matter, but still have significant room for learning. The content is expected to be more challenging than a 1.0 event and introduce participants to new concepts, knowledge and theories.


The content of 3.0 events is very advanced. It is intended to challenge concepts and take participants to a new level of understanding of the subject matter. The expectation of the participants is that they already have a significant understanding of the subject matter and 3.0 events will stretch their comprehension and encourage a new level of thinking.

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