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CCDI Webinar: Gender inclusion

Promising Practices for Tackling the Topic of Women’s Advancement Head On.

Today, women account for over 60% of undergraduate degrees in Canada. In fact, they have accounted for more than 50% of undergraduate degrees since … 1980! So why are there only a fraction of CEO positions held by women? We have more research on the benefits of having more women at the top than we know what to do with, yet the pace of change is glacial. The truth of the matter is that gender parity won’t happen on its own.

Employers need to tackle this issue head on or nothing will change. Yet there is significant resistance to creating programs that target women…mostly from women themselves. This webinar will tackle the topic head on, and will present best practices on how to create a successful women’s advancement program to help achieve real change in our lifetime

Who should attend:

  • General audience:  This event has been developed for all individuals who have an interest in understanding the fundamentals of gender inclusion and it’s current effect on the workplace.

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About the presenter:

  Anne-Marie is dedicated to human issues within organizations and teams that build on the improvement of practices, the development of skills and the enhancement of the cohesion between strategic orientations and operational management. She holds a Degree in International Management, a Chartered Professional in Human Resources-CPHR (CRHA) Certification, and is specialized in Diversity & Inclusion, Mobilization and Engagement, and Project Management. Relying on her extended experience, both in the para-public and private sector, in Canada and abroad, she analyses complex issues, identifies successful conditions for long-range effects, and initiate practical and cost-effective solutions. As part of her current research in the field of Work relations, she is interested in leveraging Diversity & Inclusion best practices from the perspectives of an individual, employers and communities. She has been working in collaboration with the Canadian Center for Diversity & Inclusion for several years as part of different professional roles and is starting in 2017 the moderation in French of the webinars.

Schedule of webinars:

 Date  Time  Presenter  Language Audience Level
Thursday, March 9, 2017 12pm – 1pm ET Deanna Matzanke  English HR 2.0
Tuesday, March 14, 2017 12pm – 1pm ET Anne-Marie Marcotte  French HR 2.0
Tuesday, March 21, 2017 3pm – 4pm ET Deanna Matzanke  English General 1.0
Thursday, March 23, 2017 3pm – 4pm ET Anne-Marie Marcotte  French General 1.0

Feel free to contact us at anytime should you have any questions.

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Registration is now closed.

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