Certification process

How to get certified:

Step 1: Assess your eligibility

You are eligible to enter the certification process if:

  • You have three years of relevant diversity and inclusion work experience
  • You have at least two references – colleagues or supervisors – who can speak to your work experience in diversity and inclusion.

Use the Eligibility Checklist to verify whether you have what it takes to meet the certification requirements.

Step 2: Prepare your documents

Prepare a chronological resume and complete an Assessment of Eligibility form. You are required to describe your diversity and inclusion work experience and provide two references.

Step 3: Register online

Register on CCDI website and upload your Assessment of Eligibility and resume. Once your payment and documents are processed, you will officially become a CCIP™ candidate.

Step 4: Take the CCIP™ Exam

The exam will test your knowledge of the CCIP™ competencies with a multiple-choice test that can be taken remotely. The only thing you will need is a laptop or PC and a reliable Internet connection.

Step 5: Prepare and Submit your Professional Experience Dossier

After successfully writing the CCIP™ exam, submit a Professional Experience Dossier (PED). The PED is a collection of short essays that provide examples of practical work situations where you applied or demonstrated the competencies included in the CCIP™ Competency Framework.

You will also be required to identify an external assessor who will review your submission against the CCIP™ Competency Framework.

Step 6: You officially are a Canadian Certified Inclusion Professional™!

Once your submission has been approved by your external assessor you officially become a CCIP™. You can use the acronym (CCIP) in your signature and your name will be added to an online registry of CCIPs on the CCDI website.

For a more detailed description of the certification process and requirements download and review the CCIP™ Certification Handbook and candidate materials.


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