Frequently asked questions

How much does the certification cost?

The registration fee for the certification process is $1199. A 20% discount applies to employees of CCDI Employer Partners. A 10% discount applies to CCDI Individual Practitioners and CCDI Associates.

Do I get an extra discount if I sign up for the very first Exam?

Those who sign up for the very first CCIP exam (November 21, 2017) will be considered as part of the certification pilot group. As such, they will enjoy unique advantages.

Pilot participants will have more time to complete the certification process. They will have three exam cycles (approximately 18 months) to complete the certification, whereas those who will enrol in subsequent iterations of the certification will only have two exam cycles (approximately 12 months) to complete the requirements of the certification.

If any pilot participants fail the exam on November 21, they will be able to retake the exam for free during the subsequent exam cycle (Exam Cycle 01).

If a pilot participant’s first Professional Experience Dossier (PED) submission is unsuccessful, they can resubmit the PED, for free, during the subsequent exam cycle (Exam Cycle 01).

Is the certification a course or degree?

No, the certification is not a course neither is it a degree. It is not an educational program and it does not require any class time. The certification is a rigorous process through which the knowledge and experience of diversity and inclusion professionals are assessed against the standard constituted by the CCIP™ Competency Framework.

What is the difference between a certificate and certification?

Certificate programs are designed to provide training and instruction to help participants acquire or enhance their knowledge or skills whereas certification programs such as CCIP™ are designed to assess an individual’s existing knowledge or skills, in a way that is completely independent from the provision of training or instruction.

What is the goal of the certification?

The goal of the CCIP™ certification is to set formal national standards, which currently do not exist, for the diversity and inclusion (D&I) profession in Canada, thereby raising the standards and national profile of the D&I profession in our country.

Why get certified?

The certification will enable D&I professionals practising in Canada to obtain a formal and standardized recognition of their knowledge, skills and experience in the D&I field.

By obtaining the CCIP™ designation, D&I professionals in Canada will be able to show employers and clients the breadth and depth of their experience and develop a competitive edge in a tough job market.

I already hold a professional designation. Can I get another one?

Yes. If your experience, knowledge and skills meet the requirements of the CCIP certification process, you can get certified.

How is this certification different from HR certifications?

The CCIP™ Competency Framework is designed to describe the competencies of D&I professionals. These competencies only partially overlap with the competencies of HR professionals.

The goal of the CCIP™ certification is to support D&I professionals who feel the need to increase their professional profile specifically as D&I professionals, regardless of whether they have a HR background or hold a HR designation.

The intent is not for CCIP™ to replace or compete with existing HR certifications. A D&I professional might decide to hold both the CCIP™ designation and a HR designation.

Are there any educational requirements to enter the certification process?

There are no educational requirements to enter the certification process. However, certain number of years experience in the D&I field is required.


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