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Alyan Kurdi, 2012-2015. (Photo By Reuters)

Canada is a country of immigrants. Regardless how many generations a family has been in Canada (other than our country’s Aboriginal, Indigenous and First Nations Peoples) we are all newcomers.

The crisis related to Syrian refuges has reached catastrophic proportions. According to the United Nations Refugee Agency, there are over 4 million registered Syrian Refugees (as of 29 April 2015) with that number rising daily.

Last week, the world saw the face of the crisis in the lifeless wet body of 3-year-old Aylan Kurdi, washed to shore in Turkey as his family fled the war in their home country (photo picture right, courtesy Reuters). They had previously been denied asylum by Canada. Aylan’s death is on all our hands.

We cannot sit idly by while thousands of people need our help. We cannot go to bed tonight aware that millions of Syrians are putting themselves and their families in extreme peril to avoid the bloodshed that is ravaging their homeland.

The number of refugees Canada agrees to take is irrelevant. The barrier is money.

According to Lifeline Syria, the cost of settlement for a family of four is the range of $27,000, roughly equivalent to a year of social assistance payments. There are other costs – mostly in time – to help the refugees get settled and find their way in their new home.

The Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion has established the Syrian Refugee Relief Fund and is issuing a challenge to the companies on the Financial Post 500: Help us, help the Syrian people. A donation of $27,000 will help a family of 4 Syrian refugees escape the horrific conditions they are facing, and find a new life in the country we know and love.

During the Great Famine of the mid-1800, 38,000 Irish refugees settled in Toronto – at a time when the population was a mere 20,000. We can act. We must act.

Michael Bach, CCDP/AP

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