Steven Francis, MSc

Manager, Measurement and Analytics

Steven Francis is the Manager of Measurement and Analytics for the CCDI. In this role, Steven analyzes survey data from our Diversity Census Tool (DCT) to create reporting for our employer partners and clients. In addition to writing reports using the results of the Diversity Census, he is currently working on the Diversity by the Numbers project. This initiative is a longitudinal study that outlines the demographic makeup of multiple legal firms and the law industry in Canada.

Steven brings data analysis and reporting experience gained from marketing, communications, and public relations roles to his role at the CCDI. He has written reports for organizations in the areas of cultural education, social services, national and global retail, economic and social policy, and professional regulation. After years in the corporate world, he is thrilled to apply the skills he employed in these diverse fields to equity-focused research.

Steven received his MSc in Social and Cultural Psychology from the London School of Economics, where his studies and research focused on cognition and culture, identity and intercultural relations, and the socio-psychological processes involved in community development.

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