While not about a one individual, Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are often the unsung heroes of an organization’s diversity and inclusion efforts. This award will recognize the people behind an Employee Resource Group (aka Business Resource Group, Affinity Group, etc.) for a specific initiative put on by the resource group. The initiative must have occurred during the calendar year prior to the close of nominations, and can have any focus (recruiting, mentoring, business development, etc.). The resource group must be able to show the impact of the initiative.

NOTE for 2022: With lockdowns projected to continue across Eastern and Western Canada and the uncertainty which continues to stem from the COVID-19 pandemic, CCDI has decided to suspend the annual Awards of Success for 2022. We recognize and salute the practitioners, professionals and organizations who have continued to make tremendous efforts with respect to inclusion, diversity, equity and accessibility work in the last year under very different and trying circumstances. 

Nominee criteria

  • A nominee must be a resource group with an employer with operations in Canada.
  • The resource group must be able to demonstrate the impact of their initiative.
  • The initiative must have taken place within the calendar year prior to the close of nominations.

If you have any questions regarding the Awards of Success, contact [email protected].

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