Given to an Executive Leader (the most senior person in an organization) for their outstanding contribution and commitment to diversity and inclusion or human rights and equity within their organization. The Senior Executive of the Year takes ownership of the diversity agenda and is responsible for driving change in their workplace. They have diversity as part of their performance accountabilities and provide the necessary gravitas to ensure diversity and inclusion objectives are met.

NOTE for 2022: With lockdowns projected to continue across Eastern and Western Canada and the uncertainty which continues to stem from the COVID-19 pandemic, CCDI has decided to suspend the annual Awards of Success for 2022. We recognize and salute the practitioners, professionals and organizations who have continued to make tremendous efforts with respect to inclusion, diversity, equity and accessibility work in the last year under very different and trying circumstances. 

Nominee criteria:

  • A nominee must be the most senior person in their organization (based on authority and accountability), or report directly to the most senior person in the organization.
  • A nominee must be considered to be part of the executive leadership of their organization, regardless of what their actual title is. This includes individuals working in the public and not-for-profit/charitable sectors, as well as the private sector. Titles may include (but are not limited to): CEO (or any other C-level title), President, General Manager, Managing Partner, Deputy Minister, Executive Director, etc.
  • A nominee must have ultimate accountability for diversity and inclusion or human rights and equity within their organization. That accountability must be part of the nominee’s annual performance goals.
  • A nominee must have been active in their role as of the close of nominations.

If you have any questions regarding the Awards of Success, contact [email protected].

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