Diversity and inclusion assessment and coaching for the community

In Community Growth, we analyze various aspects of how your organization interacts with the public. This analysis includes:

  • Media Scan – Media can be very influential regarding how people think about ideas, people, and organizations. In our diversity and inclusion-based Media Scan, CCDI Consulting will explore the representations of your organization in the public, such as how you are perceived. Together, with an organization, we will determine a period of time for which to capture media, as well as what samples, given different modes and sources have different levels of public impact.
  • Public consultations – Virtual or in-person sessions conducted by one of our D&I experts. We capture the public opinion and reputations that a specific community has towards the organization we are assessing. The perceived levels of inclusion and diversity in the community could be completely different to the actual ones. These sessions are also intended to coach the community on the principles of D&I