Diversity and inclusion metrics on the individual or team

The CCDI Consulting Culture Meter analyzes the culture of your organization from an individual perspective. If you belong to a large organization, this service is particularly suited for your leadership team and/or middle management. Each individual will be assessed as follows:

  • Intercultural competencies – each participant will be asked to complete a cultural competence assessment questionnaire using the Intercultural Development Inventory®, or IDI®. The IDI® measures an individual or group’s level of intercultural sensitivity along the Intercultural Development Continuum®, which is based on the Developmental Model of Intercultural Sensitivity, a renowned and widely respected developmental model originally created by Dr. Milton Bennett.
  • Cross-cultural competencies – our diversity and inclusion experts will conduct cross-cultural sessions where we measure the readiness of inclusion for other cultures. Especially indicated for organizations with a high rate of newcomers in the workforce. We can also use Country Navigator as an online tool to measure individual cross-cultural competencies.
  • Identities – a qualitative approach is used to gather information on the perspective of individuals in the workforce based on identity-based groups.

Culture Meter is perfect for your organization if you are:

  • At the beginning of your diversity and inclusion journey and you want to evaluate the cultural readiness of your organization for a diversity and inclusion strategy going forward; OR/AND
  • Experiencing issues or challenges that involve members of diverse groups in your workplace and you want to get more information on what the issues are and how they are impacting your workplace; OR/AND
  • Already on your diversity and inclusion journey and need more information about how diverse groups experience your workplace.

To learn more about Culture Meter please, contact CCDI Consulting