Diversity and inclusion assessment and coaching for leaders

CCDI Consulting's Leadership Growth package includes three modules that are aimed at developing leadership skills around diversity and inclusion. The leaders’ views impacts the organization culture, so capturing it is paramount to understand the level of maturity in diversity and inclusion. They include:

  • Diversity and Inclusion Immersion for Executives
  • One-on-one structured interviews
  • A leaders webinar

In the Diversity and Inclusion Immersion for Executives, the goal is to level-set everyone’s understanding of diversity and inclusion, to understand why it is important from a business perspective, and to determine how to mobilize change and be champions of diversity and inclusion.

The structured interviews provide an opportunity to determine Leaders’ understanding of diversity and inclusion and their unique experience in the workplace through a diversity lens.

Lastly, the leaders webinar is for leaders who participated in the above modules, so that they may boost self-recognition of identified trends and encourage further learning and development.