CCDI Consulting eLearning courses are designed to help organizations advance in their diversity and inclusion journey in a way that is time and cost effective, while adhering to adult learning principles and best practices. The 30-minute modules maximize the reach, impact and sustainability of your learning initiatives.

The content of our courses is informed by the latest research in diversity and inclusion, and our experience in working with Canada’s largest workplaces to support their diversity and inclusion journeys. Courses prioritize being concise and interactive. We provide learners with practical tips, tools and techniques to help them shift their behaviours towards inclusion. We avoid “information-dumping,” and use scenarios to engage learners and provide immediately applicable solutions to real-life challenges.

Universal Instructional Design

In designing our courses, we adhere to the principles of Universal Instructional Design (UID). UID is a process that considers the potential needs of learners when designing and delivering instruction, to remove barriers and ensure the quality of the learning experience is consistent for all learners, regardless of their level of ability.

eLearning benefits

  • Self-directed, 30-minute long courses, available in English and French
  • 100% accessible (compliant with WACG2)
  • Downloadable toolkit with key takeaways

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