Diversity and inclusion assessment and coaching for human resources

Diversity and inclusion in the workplace is a journey. This journey should be led by a diversity and inclusion council or committee, where human resource decision-makers have a seat at the table. When you partner with CCDI Consulting, we strive to understand how your human resource policies impact your workforce. To engage your employees, three activities are undertaken:

  • Implementation of diversity and inclusion communications tools – you are coached on how to manage internal communications with a diversity and inclusion lens. If your organization works with CCDI Consulting on a long-term project, we provide you with tools to engage your workforce.
  • Diversity and inclusion analysis – we analyze your previous initiatives, adapting our terminology to match your corporate style.
  • Document review – we review and assess the employment systems and policies that you use to attract, select, train, promote and compensate employees. Employment systems operate on both the formal (what is written down) and informal (how things really happen).