Diversity Nexus is a small group meeting of fellow diversity and inclusion professionals that come together to share their experience, discuss critical issues and recharge their batteries to keep doing their work. The concept involves bringing together a small group of individuals (six to eight), from non-competing organizations to learn, share and support one another along their diversity and inclusion journey.

Having people from “non-competing organizations” is a critical component of a successful Nexus. The Nexus is meant to be a safe space where you can be open and honest in your dialogue and we believe that is most effectively achieved with a group that doesn’t have to worry that what they say will end up on a competitor’s website. We practice Vegas Rules: what happens at the Nexus stays at the Nexus!

How does the Nexus work?

The Nexus meets twice per year for a half day (from 8:00 am to noon), with the agenda set by the attendees. Each member of the Nexus acts as host once per cycle (approximately once every two years), and it’s up to the host to determine the topic for discussion. The meetings always start with sharing – personal and professional updates from each person. We then move on to the agenda of the day – sometimes that will be an open discussion, an external presenter or speaker, or a working session on a particular subject – whatever the group wants and/or needs to help them with their work.

What is the role of the CCDI?

The role of CCDI is to facilitate the Nexus. We’re not there to set the agenda or control the conversation. We are there to support the Nexus in their experience. CCDI works with the host to plan the agenda, arrange for speakers, put together pre-reading and other materials, and any other administrative task required. While we are there to be subject matter experts as needed, the Nexus is in complete control of the conversation.

What is the commitment?

For CCDI Employer Partners, the level of involvement of Nexus members is relatively simple:

  • Commit to attending the semi-annual meetings, and as much as possible be there for the entire meeting
  • For one session during a cycle, act as host. That involves providing the meeting space, acting as chair, and covering the cost of food and refreshments for the session
  • When you are the host, work with the Centre to set the agenda and ensure your session is as engaging and valuable as every other session
  • Attend and participate fully

While the Nexus groups are meant to be a value-added benefit for our Employer Partners, we do permit individuals from employers who aren’t CCDI Employer Partners. The first meeting is free, and provides an opportunity to test the water. After that, you will be required to pay the annual fee of $1,600. Current Employer Partners of CCDI may attend for no additional cost.