Indigenous Works offers a comprehensive suite of consulting services to help your organization reach its Indigenous inclusion and engagement goals. From a review of your policies and hiring systems to employee engagement strategies, Indigenous Works will assist you in aligning your organization for success.

First Steps

1. Employer of Choice (EoC) Initial Assessment + Certification Audit
2. Indigenous Labour Market Ecosystem
3. Workplace Barometer

Talent Strategies

4. Employer Brand Audit
5. Growing Your Indigenous Employment and Engagement Partnerships
6. Indigenizing Your Recruitment Strategies
7. Indigenous Advancement and Retention Report + Recommendations

Workplace + DEI

8. Cultural Inclusion Inventory
9. Workplace Inclusion Design and Measurement
10. Employment Systems Review and Employment Equity Plan

Truth + Reconciliation

11. Reconciliation Action Plan
12. Land Acknowledgements
13. Indigenous Relations Policy and Plan

Leadership, Policy + ESG

14. Indigenous Inclusion Strategy for Senior Management and Boards
15. Assessing Indigenous Inclusion in Your ESG Strategy
16. Developing Indigenous Employment and Inclusion Policy
17. SME Bid Response Package

We would be happy to discuss how your organization can become an Indigenous Works Employer Partner and benefit from their consulting services. For full descriptions of any of the topics above please contact us or visit for more information.

If you're not sure, you can see a complete list of CCDI Employer Partners here and IW Employer Partners here.


If you would like to find out more about the Indigenous Works Employer Partner program, click here.

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Please note: Becoming an Employer Partner with CCDI does not make you automatically an Employer Partner with Indigenous Works. Please contact us for more information on how to become an Employer Partner of both CCDI and IW.