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Deborah Green

Kakike manitohkan iskwew (Eternal Spirit Woman)

Senior Diversity Strategist

Deborah Green (Gopher) is a proud Cree woman from the Kawacatoose and Piapot’s First Nations in Saskatchewan. During her lifetime, as an Indigenous Woman, she experienced racism from an early age in mainstream society, and into her adult life faced barriers to equal opportunities in education, employment, and society. She wanted to drive change for other Indigenous Peoples in Canada to exist in a world where they do not face the same experiences and barriers that she did. This motivated her to ensure her career helped Indigenous people become successful and pursue their dream careers, embrace education, and eliminate barriers in mainstream Canada.

Deborah has 20 years’ experience in Diversity and Indigenous Inclusion services and solutions. She has developed many solutions to overcome barriers which she passionately puts into her work. During her tenure at an oil and gas company, she developed the first global diversity role that was dedicated to Diversity & Employment. She then developed and implemented innovative sourcing/recruitment strategies, Optimized External Brand reputation to establish marketplace presence, and led the organization to become recognized as an employer of choice. She also led and grew the internal Indigenous Employee network from a small social group, to a global formal network that supported and empowered Indigenous Employees.

Deborah has an extensive network of diversity organizations, networks, and contacts within Canada in all industries and private sectors, public, non-profit and government organizations. She is established and recognized as a successful and authentic subject matter expert, and role model in the Indigenous Community.

In 2017, Deborah decided to venture into her own consulting business so she could offer more broad services in diversity that are customized to fit the unique needs of her clients. Thus, Corporate Cree Consulting was born. The company offers a path for generations of diverse Canadians and organizations to bridge gaps and erase barriers for a truly diverse Canada based on reconciliation. The niche that the organization provides is customized solutions for each client that seeks an authentically diverse and inclusive organization.