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Elisabeth Cooke

Managing Director, Inclusivity

Elisabeth Cooke is the Managing Director of Inclusivity. She draws on Canada’s leading experts and best resources to provide diversity management and advice to organizations, corporations and government.

Elisabeth has a unique combination of skills in Human and Social Development, Corporate Communications, Law, and Governance. She brings over 20 years experience, carved out across Canada, the United States, Australia and South East Asia.

Elisabeth has spent her career working closely with diverse communities and applying complex analysis to develop strategic outcomes to all sorts of challenges. After earning her B.A. in Human and Social Development at the School of Child and Youth Care at University of Victoria, Elisabeth went on to spearhead a groundbreaking program developing vocational opportunities for disadvantaged and disabled youth.

She then went on to earn her Juris Doctor of Law, from the University of Melbourne, Melbourne Law School in 2011, with specializations in intellectual property, governance, and policy analysis. She combines her expertise in law, governance, policy and planning, corporate communication, emerging media, and strategy, with her expertise in working with vulnerable communities, including those with issues related to gender identity, sexual orientation, and mental health.