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Aida Sarbassova

Coordinator, Mayagwe

A language professional with solid expertise in language teaching and communication, Aida’s experience is diverse; she has worked as a language instructor in an academic environment and as a freelance trainer in a variety of educational formats and settings. This experience eventually led her into a related field of language interpretation & translation. 

Her career in Kazakhstan spanned nearly 10 years in the oil and gas industry, and exposed her to diverse cultural contexts, providing valuable insights into the intricacies of cross-cultural communication and helped her develop skills critical to navigating social interaction across cultures. 

In Canada, Aida received her certification as a Russian-English community interpreter and joined the ranks of language interpreters who offer first language support to newcomers in public and community services. 

Aida is proud to have been able to draw on her experience in adult education to train and coach bilingual professionals pursuing certification in community interpretation. After three years in an employment preparation program, Aida joined CCDI as a Coordinator for Mayagwe – a mobile app that allows public-serving agencies and others to directly access a database of professional language interpreters in their area. 

Aside from her love of learning new languages, Aida is a avid reader and has eclectic taste, ranging from sci-fi and Buddhist philosophy to classical poetry and social psychology. In her free time you can also find her practicing martial arts, ballroom dancing, and listening to classic rock.