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Annika Fenton (She, her)

Manager, Partner Relations

Annika Fenton is a passionate and compassionate advocate for diversity, equity, and inclusion both in the workplace and in greater society. She brings a unique blend of academic roots and lived experience to CCDI, with both an Honors BSc and a Joint Honors BA in Philosophy and Classics from the University of Ottawa.

With 15 years of volunteering experience, and 6 years in Business Development and Relationship Management, her work as a Partner Relations Manager for CCDI is a natural fit. A commitment to compassionate learning and humility resonates with her Employer Partners as she helps to guide them along their own unique DEI journey. A background in both STEM and the Arts affords her a unique ability to understand a variety of industries. She is determined to use her energy to help Canada become a world-leader in all DEI metrics.

Annika is a life-long learner, currently looking towards completing her master’s in Clinical Psychology, and is working to achieve her Red Seal as a Motorcycle Technician.