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Christina Duarte (She, her)

Manager and Team Lead, Partner Relations

Christina Duarte joins the Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion as Manager, Partner Relations working to develop and strengthen relationships with Employer Partners. Christina has a background in Customer Relations, including working in Customer Success and Virtual Event Management to foster relationships with customers while helping them work towards achieving their goals.

Christina has a bachelor's degree is Business Administration from Wilfrid Laurier University, where she also achieved minors in Spanish and French. Her love of learning means that she is frequently continuing her education in any area she can, whether it's gaining new certificates in the field of Diversity and Inclusion or learning about fashion trends in Tudor England.

Christina has a passion for language and culture, and she is always looking for travel and volunteer experiences that will allow her to immerse herself in new cultures. In addition, she is a lifelong dancer who loves picking up new styles to add to her repertoire.