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Katryna Chan (Katryna/Kat/K)

Coordinator, HR and Administration

Katryna Chan (Kat or K) is a Human Resources professional joining the Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion with a degree in Communications & Culture and subsequent HR Management Certificate from the University of Calgary. Kat brings over nine years of HR expertise including supporting a provincewide health agency, using the experience to incorporate leading practices in diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility into end-to-end HR support at all stages of the employee lifecycle.

K is proud to have the personal and professional experience of living intersectionally within multilingual, multicultural, and marginalized communities and social groups.

Katryna sees life through the lens of a biracial person living with an invisible disability and uses invisible superpowers to increase accessibility to employment, resources, and supports for those who are systemically disabled by the status quo.

When there is time, Kat is a maker of all things. K sews, woodworks, welds, 3D prints, designs, and even owns a laser cutter. Katryna knows that there is nothing in the world that can’t be fixed with the right amount of time, effort, and elbow grease – and is happy to be the person doing it!