Diversity and inclusion fundamentals

This course provides participants with a robust, shared understanding of what we talk about when we refer to diversity and inclusion, and why diversity and inclusion are keys to the success of organizations as well as individuals. Register now

Introduction to Unconscious bias

This course tackles one of the most pervasive barriers to inclusion in the workplace: conscious and unconscious bias. By leveraging the experience of participants through discussion and group activity, we explore the sources and mechanics of bias, its impact and cyclicality. We then provide participants with strategies they can use to increase awareness and mitigate the impact of bias in the workplace. Register now

Respect in the workplace

The aim of this course is to offer guidelines to establish respectful workplaces. By reviewing applicable workplace legislation and policies, adopting a case-study approach, and discussing behavioral models, we build a shared knowledge on how to identify what respect looks like in the workplace, and how to address manifestations of disrespect. Register now

Introduction to cultural competence

The objective of this course is to help participants understand the fundamental concepts of culture, so they can work toward being more culturally competent in their interactions with individuals from different cultural norms. Register now 

History of racism and colonization in Canada

This course examines the history of racism and colonization in Canada, providing a contextual understanding of the difference between individual racism and systemic racism. Register now 

Race and ethnicity in Canada

This workshop will dive into an interactive conversation regarding race and ethnicity. Participants will unpack the terms “race” and “ethnicity” as social constructs within a Canadian context. They will discuss the benefits of a more culturally diverse workforce and how workplaces can celebrate, leverage and support racial diversity. This workshop will also introduce participants to tips on how they can increase their cultural awareness and competence in order to a foster a more diverse and inclusive workplace. Register now 

The intersections of race and other identities

This program will explore the multidimensionality and intersectionality of race and other identities, such as gender, sexuality, and ability. Upon completion, the learner will have a better understanding of the complexity and layering commensurate with the lived experience of a racialized person. Register now

How to be an ally to racialized people

This program helps the learner understand their role in doing the work of antiracism, and how they can actively ally with racialized people. Register now

Gender in the workplace

This course explores the business, legal and individual perspective on gender in the workplace. Its aim is twofold: making participants aware of micro-inequities influenced by gender bias or stereotypes, and providing them with some tools and strategies to combat gender bias in the workplace. 

Including persons with disabilities

This workshop focuses on the importance of including persons with disabilities (PwD) in the workplace. Participants will be provided with the case for self-identification of persons with disabilities. It will also answer why it is important to self-identify if you have a disability and / or how you can be an ally to increase self-identification in your organization. We also review the barriers to effective self-identification and provide some promising practices to increase the response rate.

Indigenous inclusion

Indigenous communities in Canada are one of the fastest growing populations in the workplace and Canada writ large. It is important for all Canadians to understand ways of engaging with Indigenous communities. As part the recommendations laid out in the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) report, this workshop is an opportunity to debunk myths about Indigenous communities in Canada and to receive concrete data that offers foundational background knowledge and context to working alongside Indigenous people. This vital conversation offers employers and team members the opportunity to build solid relationships with Indigenous communities and Indigenous team members, thus harnessing the strength of an engaged workforce.

LGBTQ+ inclusion
Promoting an LGBTQ+ inclusive workplace is not only a legal requirement for organizations, it is also a business imperative and is crucial for tapping into increasingly diverse talent and consumer markets. Based on current research, this session provides strategies to mitigate barriers and build inclusive workplaces for the LGBTQ+ community.

Race and racism in the Canadian workplace

This program examines the impact of race and racism on Canadian workplaces and provides the learner with ideas of how employers can dismantle racism at an organizational level.


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