Advance your diversity and inclusion learning experience with our Antiracism certificate.

“In a racist society, it is not enough to be non-racist, we must be antiracist.”

Angela Y. Davis – Political activist, academic and author

Acquire critical knowledge. Enjoy these benefits.

CCDI's Antiracism certificate courses will kick-off on September 8. This is a highly topical and critical learning and development offering for any Canadian workplace that is intentional about understanding the causes of structural racism and building the confidence and capacity to dismantle the systems which perpetuate it.

Recognized certification: In a similar vein to the Foundations in D&I and Influencer certificates, this certificate is a call to action to leaders, practitioners, and consultants. It is a strong indication of a commitment to understanding the origins and history of race relations in Canada and how it still subsists in our workplaces today.

Completing this course will improve your capability to transfer knowledge into actionable steps needed to deconstruct racism on both individual and systemic levels.

Be active in the new reckoning: The death of George Floyd spurred a new reckoning on race relations all over the world. It sparked a new conversation in the Canadian workplace and Canadian society writ large.

Earn a certificate which shows your commitment to do the work, has measurable impact and indicates your intentionality to be more than a performative ally.

Five highly incisive and instructive courses: The five courses – Introduction to cultural competence, History of racism and colonialism in Canada, Race and racism in the Canadian workplace, The intersections of race and other identities, and How to be an ally to racialized people – have been carefully curated to give the learner foundational knowledge and understanding as well as the tools and skills needed to make sustainable impact and engender an antiracist culture.

A conducive and convenient learning environment: Experience a first-rate virtual instructor-led learning environment with no more than 50 participants who share a common goal to remove all agents and structures of racism in their respective workplaces.

Value for money: The Antiracism certificate is affordably priced at $799.00 plus tax.

What is the Antiracism certificate?

The Antiracism certificate 2.0 is bundle of the five following courses:

Introduction to cultural competence: The first program in the bundle continues the learner’s journey of self-exploration to understand the concept of cultural competence. The objective of this program is to help participants understand the fundamental concepts of culture, so they can work toward being more culturally competent in their interactions with individuals from different cultural norms.

History of racism and colonization in Canada: This program examines the history of racism and colonization in Canada, providing a contextual understanding of the difference between individual racism and systemic racism.

Race and racism in the Canadian workplace: This program examines the impact of race and racism on Canadian workplaces and provides the learner with ideas of how employers can dismantle racism at an organizational level.

The intersections of race and other identities: This program will explore the multidimensionality and intersectionality of race and other identities, such as gender, sexuality, and ability. Upon completion, the learner will have a better understanding of the complexity and layering commensurate with the lived experience of a racialized person.

How to be an ally to racialized people: This program helps the learner understand their role in doing the work of antiracism, and how they can actively ally with racialized people.

Who is the certification for?

This is a general audience certificate, but you need to have completed the Foundations in D&I certificate to be eligible. You can also take these courses if you hold our D&I Influencer certificate.

If you have not completed either the Foundations certificate or the D&I Influencer certificate, you may still sign up for this program, however you will not receive your certificate of completion until you finish the Foundations certificate. New dates for the Foundations certificate will be announced soon.

When are courses available and how long is each course?

The courses for this certificate will be offered on a quarterly basis. Sign up to our mailing list to receive notifications on next quarter courses and dates. 

All courses are two hours in duration.


Registration is now closed. Stay tuned for future dates. 


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