Advance yourself to the next level of your D&I learning journey with our D&I Influencer certificate 2.0.

Acquire critical knowledge. Enjoy these benefits.

This is the next recommended learning and developmental step if you are looking to increase your D&I efficacy and your ability to impact your workspace in positive and sustainable way.

Upskill and scale up: Graduate beyond the Fundamentals in D&I certificate to the next level by building your knowledge and capacity on the key dimensions of diversity.

Gain capability for actionability: Learn about best-in-class practices and how solutions can be designed to tackle and dismantle the discrimination and inequities experienced by different employee groups within the organization.

Acquire deeper knowledge: Intentionally selected courses which specifically address the different diversity dimensions. You will be able to ease into this course with your foundational knowledge and learn how to engage employees either as individuals, as a group or at an intersection.  

A conducive and convenient learning environment: Experience a first-rate virtual instructor-led learning environment with no more than 50 participants who share a common goal to engender D&I strategies and sustainable actions in their respective workplaces.

Value for money: The D&I Influencer certificate is affordably priced at $799.00 plus tax

What is the D&I Influencer certificate?

The D&I Influencer certificate consists of five new courses, but you are required to have completed the three foundational/fundamental courses contained in the Foundations in D&I bundle to receive the 'Influencer' certificate. The courses are as follows:

Gender in the workplace: The aim of this program is twofold: making participants aware of micro-inequities influenced by gender bias or stereotypes and providing them with tools and strategies to combat gender bias in the workplace.

LGBTQ2S+ inclusion: Based on current research, this session provides strategies to mitigate barriers to LGBTQ2S+ inclusion and build inclusive workplaces in which the LGBTQ2S+ community feels fully engaged.

Indigenous inclusion: As part the recommendations laid out in the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) report, this vital workshop offers employers and team members the opportunity to build solid relationships with Indigenous communities and Indigenous team members, thus harnessing the strength of an engaged workforce.

Including persons with disabilities: In this workshop, participants will be provided with the case for self-identification of persons with disabilities. It teaches how you can be an ally to increase self-identification in your organization. We also review the barriers to effective self-identification and provide some promising practices to increase the response rate.

Race and ethnicity in Canada: This workshop will dive into an interactive conversation regarding race and ethnicity. Participants will unpack the terms “race” and “ethnicity” as social constructs within a Canadian context. They will discuss the benefits of a more culturally diverse workforce and how workplaces can celebrate, leverage and support racial diversity. It also discusses how to build cultural competence and awareness.

Please note that the first three foundational courses are contained in the Foundations in D&I certificate. Completion of these three courses is a prerequisite to taking the D&I Influencer course.

Who is the certification for?

This is a general audience certificate, but you need to have completed the Foundations in D&I certificate to be eligible. You can also take these courses if you hold our D&I Influencer certificate.

If you have not completed either the Foundations certificate or the D&I Influencer certificate, you may still sign up for this program, however you will not receive your certificate of completion until you finish the Foundations certificate. New dates for the Foundations certificate will be announced soon.

When are courses available and how long is each course?

The courses for this certificate will be offered 1-2 times a year. Sign up to our mailing list to receive notifications on next quarter courses and dates. 

All courses are two hours in duration.


Registration is now closed. The courses for this certificate will be offered 1-2 times a year.


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