Begin your diversity and inclusion learning experience with our fundamental Foundations in D&I certificate.

“Thank you for your Certificate of Foundation for studies in #diversityinclusion. Your instructors are top-notch, the material is interesting and relevant and the online platform worked seamlessly! Grateful for this new skillset.”

Monica Culic, Communications Manager (Canada), Univar Solutions

Acquire critical knowledge. Enjoy these benefits.

Recognized certification: The Foundations certificate is acknowledged by subject matter experts and learners to be highly informative, instructive and essential to moving up the D&I developmental continuum and gaining professional recognition.

Three highly interactive and stimulating courses: Our three courses – Diversity and inclusion fundamentals, Introduction to unconscious bias and Respect in the workplace – are engaging and immersive. They provide ample opportunity for knowledge exchange and constructive feedback.

A conducive and convenient learning environment: Become certified via a first-rate virtual instructor-led learning environment of no more than 50 participants who share a common pursuit of D&I knowledge growth and actionability.

Value for money: The Foundations certificate is priced at $249.00 plus tax. Courses are also individually available at $99.00 plus tax, per course.

What is the Foundations in D&I certificate?

The Foundations certificate is a bundle of three courses: Diversity and inclusion fundamentals, Introduction to unconscious bias and Respect in the workplace. It signifies the learner’s knowledge of the essential topics which shape conversations and workplace policy on diversity and inclusion and the learner’s ability to advance this knowledge to the next level.

What are the certificate courses?

Diversity and inclusion fundamentals: This program provides participants with a robust, shared understanding of what we talk about when we refer to diversity and inclusion, and why diversity and inclusion are keys to the success of organizations as well as individuals.

Introduction to unconscious bias: This program tackles one of the most pervasive barriers to inclusion in the workplace: conscious and unconscious bias. By leveraging the experience of participants through discussions and group activities, we explore the sources and mechanics of bias, its impact and cyclicity. We then provide participants with strategies they can use to increase awareness and mitigate the impact of bias in the workplace.

Respect in the workplace: The aim of this program is to offer guidelines to establish respectful workplaces. By reviewing applicable workplace legislation and policies, adopting a case-study approach, and discussing behavioral models, we build a shared knowledge on how to identify what respect looks like in the workplace, and how to address manifestations of disrespect.

Who is the certification for?

This is a general audience certificate, provided to individuals with little or no background on these topics.

When are courses available and how long is each course?

The courses for this certificate will be offered on a quarterly basis. Sign up to our mailing list to receive notifications on next quarter courses and dates. 

All courses are two hours in duration.


Registration is currently closed. Stay tuned for future dates. 



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