New PSAs show the adorable reality of having two dads

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Posté sur : 16 juin 2016

Toronto – The Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion (CCDI) has launched a Father’s Day PSA for all two-dad families. The campaign strives to show the adorable reality of how one child celebrates having two fathers.

“We cannot ignore the senselessly tragic homophobic and transphobic attack in Orlando, just as we cannot ignore the daily violence faced by LGBT+ people around the world. However, we also cannot respond to hate with hate.” says CCDI Founder and CEO, Michael Bach. “As Father’s Day approaches, it’s never been more important that we do everything we can to spread love; to remind ourselves of the simple pleasure a child finds in celebrating their father – even more so when they have two.”

The CCDI’s past campaigns include “Luge”, which addressed Russia’s anti-LGBT discrimination during the Olympics, and “Blood Cells”, a PSA that aimed to end Canada’s ban on gay males donating blood.

This campaign includes TV, radio, print, and out-of-home pieces which not only illustrate gift preparation for two dads, but also offers a unique look into their day-to-day interactions with their kids.

Watch the PSAs below:

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