Submission of your CCIP Professional Experience Dossier is a simple, four-step process. Make sure to refer to the PED instructions in the Certification Handbook.

Step 1: Candidate Information

Step 2: Areas of Competence

Identify the Areas of the Competency Framework in which you have experience and can provide evidence of effective performance. For each of the Areas that you select in Section 2, you will be expected to submit an essay that demonstrates effective performance of the competencies in that Area. You are not expected to be competent in all Areas. However, to become certified you must obtain at least 40 points based on your competence in the Primary Areas, and at least 20 points in the Secondary Areas. The points will be assigned by your External Assessor based your essays. The more Areas you select, the higher your chances are of passing the PED.

Select as many primary areas as you want. You need a minimum of 40 points to pass.

Select as many secondary areas as you want. You need a minimum of 20 points to pass.

Step 3: Essays

Submit one essay for each of the Areas that you have selected above. Each essay must provide an example of a practical work situation (or set of situations) where you applied/demonstrated the skills/competencies in the Area. To review the competencies included in each area, view the CCIP™ Competency Framework. Essays should be as concise as possible, no longer than 500 words each.

We suggest that you use the STAR (Situation, Task, Action, Results) model for your essays. Use this grading rubric to guide you as you write your essays.

Submit Microsoft Word documents only, and combine all files into one document, clearly identifying which essay applies to which competency area.

Step 4: Select an external assessor

External Assessors will be asked to review your PED submission and compare each of your essays to the list of competencies included in each Area. After reviewing the essay, the External Assessor will be asked to score each essay based on a standardized rubric. Please identify a priority and an alternative external assessor.


By clicking submit, you declare that all the information you have provided is true and accurate to the best of your knowledge. You fully understand that any misrepresentation or incorrect information provided in the Professional Experience Dossier Submission Form might result in discipline, including suspension or revocation of your eligibility for the CCIP™ program. You fully understand that the submission of the Professional Experience Dossier Submission Form does not guarantee success in the certification program.