CCDI is very excited to announce that we have entered into a formal partnership agreement with Indigenous Work, to bring our Employer Partners and clients an exceptional array of services to help them more toward inclusion of Indigenous Peoples, and understand their role in reconciliation.  

About Indigenous Works 

Indigenous Works is a national non-profit organization founded in 1998 as a recommendation from the 1996 Report on the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples. Indigenous Works’ mandate is to increase Indigenous engagement in the Canadian economy.

Indigenous Works does not receive government funds but is supported by organizational members (similar to CCDI's Employer Partners), in addition to providing a selection of products and services on a fee-for-service basis to help organizations work toward more inclusive environments for Indigenous People. For over 20 years, Indigenous Works partnered with organizations to strengthen their results in Indigenous employment, workplace engagement, and inclusion. Indigenous Works saves organizations time and resources by helping them create opportunities as we travel together to increase Indigenous engagement in the economy.

CCDI's partnership with Indigenous Works is timely given calls by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and the Government of Canada to renew our commitment toward reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples for the betterment of Canadian society and the economy.

CCDI is honoured to be entering into this partnership with Indigenous Works as it will add value for our Employer Partners and clients and help ensure we are all working toward reconciliation with our Indigenous cousins. 

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