Our immersive and collaborative conference encourages people with an interest in diversity and inclusion as well as diversity professionals to break away from the boredom of traditional conferences with a high degree of participation – perfect for those who value networking, interactive workshops, and experiential learning.

Our annual Unconference is being delivered to you this year as an immersive, interactive, entertaining virtual experience.

Theme for UnConference 2022 - Navigational strategies in IDEA: From why to how

Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, Accessibility (IDEA) — we’re all familiar with the acronym, some of us have business cases for our organizations, and we all know that investing in IDEA leads to positive business and societal outcomes. Now what?

We hear this a lot from our partner organizations: “We understand that IDEA is important, but we don’t know where to start”. We also hear the following from those further along in their IDEA journey: “We’ve implemented an IDEA strategy and have a plan, but how do we keep the momentum going?”

There is an increased expectation for organizations to address inequities. Organizations are publicly expressing their commitment to IDEA, however, many remain unsure how to follow through on that commitment.

CCDI UnConference 2022 is focused on navigational strategies in IDEA, for all organizations and across industries. The conference will feature tailored sessions for different learning levels, hands on learning through case studies, networking opportunities, and resources to build a more equitable organization. Whether you are starting out in building an IDEA strategy, are somewhere in the middle or are advanced in your IDEA journey, CCDI UnConference 2022 will provide you with valuable lessons, strategies, and practical tools in navigating all the ‘how to's’ of IDEA.

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CCDI UnConference 2022 will be held on Tuesday, February 8.

DéConférence CCDI 2022 will be held on Tuesday, Feb 15.


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