Why join CCDI?

Founded in 2013, the Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion (CCDI) is an organization that help businesses understand the value of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI). It is also a workplace that models the behaviours we want to see developed in our partners and clients. We are focused on our mission with a passion that continues to make the difference in the lives of working Canadians, and we endeavour to make an impact where it matters. As an active participant in a national momentum in Canada that challenges us to unpack past inequities, we strive to be better and do better, for ourselves and our partners.

At CCDI, we understand that to attract and retain passionate and high performing talents, we must provide them growth and development opportunities. Moreover, we believe in maintaining sound work-life balance, and mental health is a priority for us.

What benefits does CCDI offer?

CCDI has been growing and evolving at an unprecedented pace. In keeping with the changes, we’ve adjusted and redesigned our base pay structure and benefits program. We’ve introduced new job categories, levels, and job titles that align with our new structure for greater development opportunities and better-defined career paths.

Here are some of the benefits that will be available to you when joining CCDI:

Statutory holidays and paid personal days

To foster a more inclusive work environment, we have implemented a flexible policy for legislated statutory holidays and paid personal days off.

Statutory holidays are legislated by the government, and you are entitled to them by law. However, we want to recognize that we are a diverse workplace and some statutory holidays may not reflect your religious or personal beliefs. Under our new policy, you will be allowed to take another day off in lieu of the stat holiday.

Health care benefits

We care deeply about our employees’ health and well-being. As such, we offer a generous benefits program and living wage for all regular staff. We also offer programs to support mental health and well-being, such as unlimited periodic sick time, and a company-paid break in December, in addition to vacation and statutory holidays.

Our benefits program includes the following coverage:

  • Health and dental
  • Medical / paramedical
  • Life, Dependent Life, Critical Illness Insurance
  • Disability leave (short-term / long-term)
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Unlimited periodic sick leave

Performance management

At CCDI, we understand how a new job can be both exciting and overwhelming. When you join our organization, you’ll go through a probation period so that we can mutually evaluate and confirm that there’s a good fit. We’ll be looking, among other things, at alignment with our company core success traits and the position requirements. To ensure you’re on track, you’ll participate in regular check-ins and in an annual performance review with your direct supervisor.

We want you to succeed in your new role and will provide you with all the support you need to achieve both personal and organizational goals. Let’s face it: everyone has good days and bad days. You may need a little extra time and support to get to where you need to be. That is why we go the extra mile by providing our employees the opportunity to undergo a performance improvement plan should you need to revisit your role at the company.


Ready to join our growing team? Explore our career opportunities below or stay tuned for future opportunities.

  • Translator: The Translator provides CCDI with English to French translation support, working independently on both internal and client facing projects and deliverables. Learn more…