These interactive sessions are designed as much for the needs and interests of diversity and inclusion, human rights and equity and human resources professionals, as they are for others in organizations who aren’t diversity professionals but might be diversity champions and/or leading diversity councils or networks, for instance.

This session's theme - Inclusive leadership for an anti-racist workplace

This session will build on the key principles and attributes of inclusive leadership that were discussed during our spring 2019 Community of Practice events, with the application of these principles to creating inclusive and anti-racist workplaces.

In these virtual 90-minute sessions, participants will review key traits of inclusive leaders, and participate in hands-on techniques to addressing issues of race and inclusion in the workplace.

In the spirit of a community of practice, the session will be highly interactive and will include small breakout room discussions to share and learn among participants.

The event is open to all participants who aspire to positively influence change towards anti-racist workplaces that strive for equitability and inclusion. We have created virtual learning for three specific roles/audiences as follows:

  • For leaders: In this session you will learn how to think, talk and behave like an inclusive leader committed to anti-racism, modelling the way for your organization.
  • For diversity & inclusion practitioners: In this session, you will learn how to be a strategic influencer to promote and enable the often-uncomfortable discussions about race and racism in the workplace with various stakeholders across the organization.
  • For individual contributors & people managers: In this session, you will learn to utilize the principles of inclusive leadership in thinking, speaking, and behaving in anti-racist ways to support and promote inclusion amongst your colleagues.

Event schedule

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Event pricing

  • Current Employer Partners and Individual Practitioners are welcome to attend for free.
  • If you are a non-member, or are a member of the general public, you are able to attend for a small fee of $59 per event.