Our leadership came together from the corporate world with a shared goal of helping employers celebrate diversity and difference – and a model that blends social impact and proven business tactics for inclusive work environments that mobilize the potential of individuals, and builds teams. Our team applies practical expertise, the latest thinking on organizational and behavioural issues, and best practices to address issues of diversity and inclusion for the national and regional realities of Canada.

Led by Michael Bach, CCDI founder and subject expert on workplace diversity, equity and inclusion; this team of accomplished professionals brings a valuable set of skills, knowledge and experience for diversity programming that has an impact on workplaces.

Headshot of Michael Bach, CCDP/AP
Michael Bach, CCDP/AP
Founder and CEO
Headshot of Mekhala Babu
Mekhala Babu
Coordinator, IT Service Management
Headshot of Renée Bazile-Jones
Renée Bazile-Jones
Senior Director, Learning
Headshot of Danika Bellamy Sankar, BSc, MSP
Danika Bellamy Sankar, BSc, MSP
Manager, Measurement and Analytics
Headshot of Kyal Butler
Kyal Butler
Coordinator, Partner Relations
Headshot of Nyla Camille Guerrera
Nyla Camille Guerrera
Director, Partner Relations
Headshot of Tina Changoor
Tina Changoor
Director, Measurement and Analytics
Headshot of Vikash Cherian, MBA, B.Com.
Vikash Cherian, MBA, B.Com.
Coordinator, Accounting and Finance
Headshot of Yuriko Cowper-Smith
Yuriko Cowper-Smith
Coordinator, Consulting
Headshot of Pablo de Chica
Pablo de Chica
Manager, Project Management Office
Headshot of Francesca Facchi
Francesca Facchi
Coordinator, Learning
Headshot of Cathy Gallagher-Louisy
Cathy Gallagher-Louisy
Senior Director, Consulting
Headshot of Seemoir Ho, CPA, CA
Seemoir Ho, CPA, CA
Senior Director, Administration and Operations
Headshot of Chris Huestis
Chris Huestis
Director, Marketing, Communications & Events
Headshot of Odion Imolorhe
Odion Imolorhe
Senior Coordinator, IT Service Management
Headshot of Joseph Levesque
Joseph Levesque
Coordinator, Communications
Headshot of Pamela Malins, PhD
Pamela Malins, PhD
Senior Coordinator, Learning
Headshot of Deanna Matzanke
Deanna Matzanke
Senior Director, Ideas, Insights and Innovation
Headshot of Kimi Mehta, B.Sc., MBA
Kimi Mehta, B.Sc., MBA
Coordinator, Project Management Office
Headshot of Anne-Marie Pham, MPA, SHRM-SCP
Anne-Marie Pham, MPA, SHRM-SCP
Director, Partner Relations
Headshot of MacKenzie Pudwell
MacKenzie Pudwell
Coordinator, Events
Headshot of Carmina Ravanera
Carmina Ravanera
Manager, Measurement and Analytics
Headshot of Zakeana Reid, CHRP
Zakeana Reid, CHRP
Managing Director, Operations
Headshot of Susan Rogers, MBA
Susan Rogers, MBA
Chief Officer, Partner Relations
Headshot of Anitta Samuel
Anitta Samuel
Coordinator, QA Testing
Headshot of Wanda Santini, PhD, CTDP
Wanda Santini, PhD, CTDP
Director, Learning
Headshot of Mandeep Kaur Sidhu
Mandeep Kaur Sidhu
Coordinator, IT Security
Headshot of Mohamad Trabulsi
Mohamad Trabulsi
Senior Director, Technology and Security
Headshot of Patrice Williams
Patrice Williams
Coordinator, Administration