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Karen Diaz

Karen is an accomplished diversity and inclusion consultant, trainer and facilitator.

Karen’s passion is in supporting people and organizations in working together through a culture of effective communication, high trust, clarity, collaboration, respect and mutual understanding.

With more than 20 years of global experience (having worked with senior government and private sector officials in/from India, the Russian Federation, Nicaragua, Honduras, the Caribbean, Africa, USA, Canada and Romania. She leverages her international experience to provide organizations with a global approach, enabling her clients to have a much broader and strategic outlook.

Her facilitated sessions provide participants with an opportunity to embrace the multi-faceted realities of diversity; be it gender, cultural, religious or generational diversity. She provides strategies that are aligned to both the organization’s goals and individual’s development plans – leveraging the diversity of competencies of your current and future talent – a winning approach to meeting the interconnected nature of the new global economy.

She is certified in IDI (Intercultural Development Inventory),  MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator), SDI (Strength Deployment Inventory), DiSC  and Insights Discovery.

Karen holds a Master’s in Education from McGill University concentration Adult education. She is presently a part-time faculty member at McGill's School of Continuing Studies where she teaches two courses: Diversity and Global Leadership in the workplace; and Developing Human - Resources Training & Development as well as teaching an On -line course – Organisational Change for the Cree Health Board