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Nadja Raphaël, LL.B., ACC


A lawyer by training, Nadja Raphaël has made a meaningful contribution to a variety of fields over the course of her career, including legal affairs, public relations and, most recently, business coaching. Among the strategic positions she has held along the way have been chief of staff and media relations manager for several prominent public-sector organizations and associations. Her career path eventually led her to found a thriving leadership and professional developing consulting practice.

Nadja is passionate about people — about their stories, their challenges and their aspirations — and about tapping into their inner potential and empowering them to find clarity, overcome conflict and achieve their dreams. This is the core philosophy that underlies the dynamic rapport she fosters with each and every one of her clients, as she guides them to uncover new insights and leverage their own strengths through training, coaching and professional co-development. 

Her commitment to effecting real and lasting change is particularly evident in two key areas: women in leadership and true diversity and inclusion, in the workplace and beyond. 

In addition to being a certified coach with the International Coach Federation (ICF), Nadja holds a graduate certificate in dispute prevention and resolution. She is known and respected for her get-it-done work ethic, which is matched only by her infectious optimism. Her knack for building strong interpersonal relationships and her authenticity shine through in all her interactions with her clients, helping them develop the confidence they need to turn difficult situations and conversations into positive outcomes and also becoming inclusive leaders. 

Nadja is the proud mother of two boys. An avid lifelong learner, she loves to explore new ideas and perspectives through conversation, reading, podcasts and music. She is also a big believer in giving back whenever she can. You’ll often find her on the soccer field cheering on her younger son and serving as team manager.