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Justin Raj (He, him)

Coordinator, Graphic Design

Justin is a graphic designer with experience in providing creative leadership and thoughtful art direction to progressive organizations. He is passionate about creating distinct visual work and branding, intuitively capturing the essence of an idea or message. He provides value by translating strategic objectives into captivating graphic design materials that drive business goals.

Graduating from OCAD University with a Bachelor of Design degree, Justin has a depth of experience in graphic design and the implementation of campaigns, branding, and strategic communications, working with organizations to help them tell the story of who they are and what they do. Through a combination of creativity and cultural awareness, he creates meaningful, engaging, and innovative work that helps elevate the presence of an organization.

Over the past few years, Justin has made it his goal to continuously learn new skills and evolve in new directions. To complement his graphic design skills, he is expanding his knowledge through education and training, and he is looking forward to continuing to develop his professional skills in digital marketing.

Justin believes that organizations can promote creativity, innovation, and collaboration among their team members by embracing inclusivity and welcoming diverse perspectives.

In his personal time, Justin enjoys spending time with his family, going on road trips across Canada, and hiking in the mountains of British Columbia.