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Larissa Mejia (She, her)

Student Assistant, Marketing and Communications 

Larissa Mejia is a dedicated and dynamic fourth-year Political Science student at McMaster University, with a minor in Business based in Hamilton Ontario.

With a strong foundation in communications, marketing, government affairs, and community engagement, Larissa excels in developing and executing impactful campaigns. She has proven expertise in using social media for engagement, optimizing content for visibility, and conducting data analysis to inform strategic decisions. Her commitment to educational initiatives, particularly in underprivileged communities, reflects her dedication to social justice and equitable access to resources.

Larissa's academic journey is complemented by her involvement in various extracurricular activities, including leadership roles in student organizations and participation in advocacy and fundraising efforts for humanitarian causes. As a founder of a non-profit organization, she has demonstrated her ability to develop and implement strategic plans, build sustainable programs, and engage with diverse stakeholders to address critical needs in vulnerable populations. Her ongoing education and hands-on experience prepare her to continue making significant contributions to society while pursuing her passion for creating positive change.