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Lois Onoghojebi (She, her)

Manager, Partner Relations

Lois Onoghojebi migrated to Canada from Nigeria in September 2019 to study and start life anew. Growing up in a vibrant, diverse and value driven society, has shaped Lois to go after her goals in life with grace and compassion for those who she will encounter in her everyday life.

Throughout Lois’s career, she has championed and advocated for initiatives that celebrate differences and cultivate inclusive cultures. Whether through school projects, church led initiatives, Lois strives to create spaces where every individual feels valued and respected.

Outside of work, Lois finds joy in baking and cooking. This creative outlet allows her to express herself while delighting others with delicious treats. Additionally, Lois views travel not only as a leisure activity but also as a therapeutic and educational experience. Immersing herself in different cultures broadens Lois’s understanding of diversity and strengthens her commitment to inclusion. Combining her passions for diversity, cooking, and travel, she approaches each day with a commitment to making a positive impact. Whether through advocating for inclusion in the workplace, sharing cultural experiences through food, or promoting understanding in her community, Lois is dedicated to creating a more inclusive and equitable world for everyone.