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Brian Carwana

Brian Carwana (the “ReligionsGeek”) is the Executive Director of Encounter World Religions. He worked in strategy consulting and venture capital before discovering a passion for learning about the fascinating world of religious communities. For twenty years, he has studied innumerable traditions, fostered relationships with religious leaders and communities, and taken thousands of people annually to houses of worship.

With his deep familiarity with ethno-religious communities, Brian has been invited to speak in a range of work environments from health care to policing in both Canada and the USA. He speaks on religious diversity, on understanding what religion is, and offers Beyond Diversity talks that actually educate staff about different traditions to create religious literacy in the workplace and make religiously committed staff feel seen and valued.

Brian has an H.B.A. in business, a Master’s degree in religion and is in the final stages of his PhD in religion at the University of Toronto. You can find him on Twitter (@ReligionsGeek) or on LinkedIn.