Talking to Canadians

Talking to Canadians is a podcast that strives to tell the unique and diverse stories of Canadians. CCDI’s Founder & CEO, Michael Bach, sits down with people from a wide variety of backgrounds and dives into their unique, lived experiences, to share what connects us as Canadians.

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4 | Khadija Waseem

Meet Khadija Waseem, a Muslim woman who wears a hijab. Khadija joins Michael to talk about women’s empowerment, mental health for immigrants and indigenous communities, and equal representation of women in various levels of government.

3 | Marni Panas

Meet Marni Panas, a trans woman living in Alberta. Marni joins Michael to chat about diversity, inclusion, and Alberta’s trans community.

2 | Kevin Rempel

Meet Kevin Rempel, who was paralyzed in a motocross accident in 2006, at the age of 23, and learned to walk again. Kevin joins Michael to talk about adversity, loss, and sledge hockey.

1 | Renee Bazile Jones

Michael sits down with Renee Bazile-Jones to talk about racism.